Sharing the same concern, interested in the future of education, in the future of children. These young people was brought together in Mahajanga for the first time the 17th May 2016.

Because at that period of time it was clear, that they all wanted to do something, to bring something new, something fun to at least make the kids bring a smile when they go back to each of their home.

Four young people from different background, different culture decided get together and take action. Few days later comes up the idea of an association, to do project for the children, the kids.

“ZOVA” as in the sakalava dialect (the local dialect of mahajanga) means “SUN” and “anKIDS” as to refer to “ONE KIDS” to express that each kids, each one of them is a sun that deserves to shine and bring a new day for the future of his society, his country.

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